10K Rinks Radio- A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Hey, we're back for another episode of 10K Rinks Radio! Joe and Tony talk about:

  • Thanksgiving stuff
  • The Wild's strong road trip
  • Are we buying into this team?
  • Wacky games vs. Ottawa and Winnipeg
  • Matt Dumba's emergence
  • The Wild getting their depth back
  • Debating where Eric Staal ranks among all-time Wild players
  • RIP Bob Naegele Jr. 

And more!

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It's another episode of 10K Rinks Radio!

This week, Tony and Joe chat about some strong performances in the early goings. Mikael Granlund and Eric Fehr get some shout-outs from the week. Then Joe talks about how the Minnesota Wild have done in third periods over the season, they look at Jordan Greenway and Joel Eriksson Ek, check out the AHL, and end with Tony setting high expectations for the team's long road trip.

If you somehow listen to this show but hate Wild hockey, Tony also gives indispensable marriage advice and Joe dreams of what he'd do if he won the lottery.

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Hey, Rink Rats.

We're back with another episode of 10K Rinks Radio! We take some calls* and discuss the Minnesota Wild turning things around with impressive victories against Dallas and Tampa over the weekend.

We also talk about Devan Dubnyk kicking ass, and what's been different about him coming out of the gate. We also talk about the 4th line chipping in on offense, Matt Read, Zach Parise's resurgence, the week ahead, and more!

*a call.

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Tony and Joe are back for another episode of 10K Rinks Radio!

On this episode:

  • A brief recap of the week
  • Chicago's ancient defense
  • Minnesota getting destroyed by Carolina
  • What's wrong with the breakouts?
  • Mikael Granlund, goal-scoring center
  • Charlie Coyle out-of-sorts
  • Is anything wrong with Nino Niederreiter?
  • Should the Wild trade for William Nylander?
  • What Minnesota can do to be as soap operatic as the Timberwolves
  • Mikko Koivu's Team of 18,000
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Joe's back as we officially kick things off as 10K Rinks Radio! Heads up, there's a possibility that we'll have to change feeds, so if you're subscribed to us and don't see a new episode by, say, next Wednesday, make sure to look for us on your favorite podcast app.

Anyway, we talked about the slow start that Minnesota had, as the Minnesota Wild dropped two unwatchable games. We talked about what was bad, which was tough to narrow down from "everything", but we did it, because we rule.

We then talked about our thoughts on the shake-up in the lines that are going to occur. I'm not saying what our thoughts are, because you could just listen to it. 

Then we answer your mailbag questions about Devan Dubnyk, Joel Eriksson Ek, Charlie Coyle, Joe Satriani, and the next former Wild player to dagger Minnesota.

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In 10K Rinks Radio's first bonus episode, the Evolving Wild boys discuss the Wild's change in goal song. Hear why we hate it and what should the new goal song be.

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Hey, everyone! With Joe in San Diego and Opening Night just around the corner, Tony sat down with old friends Josh and Luke from Evolving Wild to discuss:

  • Joe Mauer's send-off
  • Mikko Koivu's outlook for the season
  • Trying to figure out who the Wild actually are
  • Can the Wild recoup the depth they lost in the summer of 17?
  • Playing with the best and worst case scenarios for the team
  • Looking at the slugfest that is the Central Division

And more!

Again, we'll be re-branding as 10K Rinks Radio going forward, so don't panic when you see the name of the podcast change suddenly! Joe and Tony will be back next week, reacting to the Opening Night and more!

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On this episode of the HWPodcast, Tony and Joe discussed:

  • Recapping the Wild's free agent signings
  • Nick Seeler's new deal
  • Matt Dumba's new deal
  • Jason Zucker's new deal
  • The fight for the last roster spot
  • Sam Anas deserves a chance
  • Will new contracts lead to more ice time for Dumba and Zucker?
  • Minnesota Championship Probability Rankings
  • Was Zucker's season a mirage?
  • Best Dumba contract reactions
  • Mikko Koivu's declining faceoffs

And more to come in the NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

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We'll see you soon!

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After the nuclear meltdown on Night One of the NHL Draft, Tony and Joe are back, a little calmer, and cooler. They discuss the draft as a whole and how it panned out for the Wild, along with some not-so-surprising front office changes. Then they get into some of the free agents that will be available on July 1st.

Topics discussed

  • Filip Johansson
  • Alexander Khovanov
  • Other Wild draft picks
  • Tom Kurvers joining the Wild and what it means
  • Petr Mrazek as an intriguing free agent piece
  • Not wanting to do too much in Free Agency
  • And more!

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We’ll see you soon!

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After the conclusion of the first-round of the NHL Draft, Tony, Joe, Greg, and Ben Remington sat down to discuss:

  • The baffling pick of Filip Johansson
  • What Johansson brings
  • Higher upside picks available
  • Who in the Wild front office made the decision
  • Reacting to rumored discussions about sending Nino Niederreiter and Jason Zucker to Arizona
  • A lack of trades on draft night
  • BBQ sauce
  • The 10th anniversary of George Carlin's death

Thanks to Greg of Hockey Wilderness, and Ben from Giles and the Goalie for joining us today!

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