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Bringing you the hottest takes from the coldest lakes! This is 10k Rinks Radio. Where hosts Tony Abbott and Joe Bouley discuss and analyze the Minnesota Wild and the biggest hockey news of the week. 

Oct 13, 2016

It’s Opening Night for the Minnesota Wild, and it’s time for everyone at the Hockey Wilderness Podcast to get on record with their predictions.

Tony sits down with several Hockey Wilderness writers and Friends of the Show to answer 4 questions about how the Wild season plays out. These questions are:

  1. How many Points does Minnesota have at the end of the season?
  2. How far will Minnesota make it in the playoffs?
  3. Who is your 2016-17 Wild MVP?
  4. Can Tony bully you into making a bold prediction?

Here are the participants for this episode:

Joe Bouley (1:30)

Ben Remington of Wild Xtra (7:19)

Aaron Holm (13:17)

B (18:44)

Panda Pete of Twins and Losses (23:50)

Chris Boyd (32:54)

Greg Spiroff (37:24)

Tory Palattao (45:04)

Bob Spencer of Hashtag Hockey (48:51)

Kine (1:03:46)

Derek Felska of State of Hockey News (1:10:39)

Adam Stafki (1:20:25)

Barry Campbell (1:29:34)

Tony Abbott (1:35:10)

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Thank you all for listening! We’re really excited to spend another season hanging out with you all. We’ll see you next week!