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10K Rinks Radio- A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Same podcast, Tweaked name. 10K Rinks Radio (formerly The Hockey Wilderness Podcast) is your home for Wild hockey banter and analysis!

Sep 12, 2016

We’re back! It’s been a month-long absence for the show and we’re trying to podcast our way back into shape. Joining Tony for this episode are Hockey Wilderness writers Barry Campbell and Aaron Holm, and the three get you caught up on a not-all-that-busy August.

They discussed at length whether or not the Wild improved their team significantly this offseason, and chatted about other topics as well, such as:

  • Patrick Roy’s departure from Colorado
  • Let’s Go Crazy now being confirmed as the next goal song in Minnesota
  • Ryan Carter getting a tryout with the Wild
  • Zach Parise’s back, Back Parise
  • Joel Eriksson Ek’s chances to make the Wild
  • Everything you need to know about playing the off-wing
  • Embarrassing ourselves with our awful Sean Connery impersonations

And much, much more.

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