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10K Rinks Radio- A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Same podcast, Tweaked name. 10K Rinks Radio (formerly The Hockey Wilderness Podcast) is your home for Wild hockey banter and analysis!

Apr 27, 2015

We're back, and we're back with some GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! The Minnesota Wild toppled the St. Louis Blues in 6 games in order to advance to the 2nd round, where they will play the Chicago Blackhawks. Tyler Atwood (@KingDonutI) of the Beyond Checkerdome Podcast and St. Louis Game Time is magnanimous enough to join us for...

Apr 16, 2015

Get ready, Minnesota, it’s playoff time! After several days of brutal technical difficulties, we’ve got our newest episode up! Today, Tony and Joe joined by Tim Cron of St. Louis Game Time and the Beyond Checkerdome podcast to break down the Minnesota Wild-St. Louis Blues series in progress.

Topics we discuss...

Apr 1, 2015

A Very Special Episode of the Hockey Wilderness Podcast ensues when both Nate Wells and Dan Shrader join Tony. Nate and Dan ran a blog called “First Round Bust”, a Minnesota Wild blog with a heavy prospect focus. They’ve moved on to covering college hockey and scouting, respectively, putting them in a...